Student  Ministries

Student Ministries Mission

The Alaska Baptist Church student ministry exists to partner with parents so that their teens will worship God, grow in Christ, and share God in their ever-changing community .. and then the world!  

This is accomplished in a variety of ways: regular teaching and preaching, small groups, one-on-one discipleship, youth activities, mission trips, bonding between the teens and leadership, serving the community, and more. 

Student  Meetings

Students have various meetings where they are able to fellowship and grow closer to Christ.  Sunday school (Sundays 11am-11:50am) and Youth group meetings (Sundays 5pm-7pm) are developed to allow each student to mature in Christ.  There's a lot of laughter, games, and fun along the way and each activity encourages fellowship and friendship while equipping each student with a comprehensive knowledge of scripture. 


Teen After Church Outings

The Teen After Church Outings involve various activities, food, fellowship and fun, provided by the student leaders & members of our congregation. They occur at varying dates and times throughout the year.  Be sure to check the calendar or with one of the youth leaders for more information.                             **UPCOMING TACO**                           Sunday, July 17 .. 5pm-8pm at the Forward's home