Our Mission

Our mission is to worship God and disciple committed followers of Jesus Christ who will reach the world with the Gospel.

Our Core Values

Alaska Baptist Church corporately believes that an organization should function and be powered by the values it holds.  While the Bible contains numerous values to guide believers, there are eight core values that are foundational for us and that we base our ministries upon.  Those core values are listed below.


We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God constituting the absolute truth of God, wields the full authority of God and therefore we value the personal and corporate study of the Bible as the sole standard for the Christian faith and the ultimate standard by which all human philosophies, conduct and opinions will be tried.


We believe that prayer is an important part of a spiritual, growing, dynamic church and it is an essential aspect of each believer's personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


We believe that the authentic, creative, spiritual exaltation of Jesus Christ is the ultimate value of the church, that all activities and ministries are expressions of worship and a means to glorify God.


We believe that the communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home and abroad is an essential purpose of the church and that the development of effective strategies for communicating the good news is both a personal and corporate responsibility of the church.


We believe that genuine worship and practical Christian service are inseparable values and expect our members to be engaged in one or more of the organized ministries of the church, utilizing their God given abilities for the glory of Jesus Christ and the advancement of His church.


We believe that building relationships with believers and non-believers is indispensable to spiritual birth in non-believers and to spiritual growth in believers- and therefore we value the development of relationships within and without the church.


We believe that excellence in ministry honors God and inspires people.  We therefore expect people's best effort in the enactment of ministry and in the maintenance and development of the grounds and facilities which God has entrusted us.


We believe in the importance of believers being committed to the local church.  That commitment includes active membership and the sharing of the responsibilities of this ministry through service and support. We believe in the importance of an active membership of believers committed to the ministry of the local church and that this commitment requires the personal stewardship of ones' time, talents and treasures.