Donating Clothing Items

through  Mel Trotter Ministries

For those who have used clothing items (including shoes, purses,..) in good condition that you'd like to donate, we have partnered with Mel Trotter Ministries to make those items available for those in need.  There is a clothing donation container in the church parking lot (by the Paper Gator) to collect used clothing.

Many are probably used to actively donating used clothing items to one or more charitable organizations.  Should giving to a Christian Cross  ministry be important to you, consider this new clothing donation opportunity through Mel Trotter Ministries.  

There's no need to drive to 28th Street - or elsewhere in Grand Rapids - when you can just drop off your clothing items in the container in the church parking lot (see photo, below right).

Mel Trotter swings by the church on Monday afternoons to empty the container- so there's an active pickup schedule for the clothing drop offs that are made Grinning Face.