Donating Clothing Items

through  Mel Trotter Ministries

The church implemented a new giving opportunity in late December 2022: for those who have used clothing items (including shoes, purses,..) in good condition that you would like to donate, we have partnered with Mel Trotter Ministries and have placed a clothing donation container in the parking lot (by the Paper Gator).

Many are probably used to actively donating used clothing items to one or more charitable organizations.  Should giving to a Christian ministry be important to you, consider this new clothing donation opportunity through Mel Trotter Ministries.  

Also, there's no need to drive to 28th Street - or elsewhere in Grand Rapids  - when you can just drop off your clothing items in the container in the church parking lot (see photo, below right).

Mel Trotter plans to visit the church twice a week to empty the container.. so there will be active management of the clothing drop offs that are made  :  ).