Adult Sunday School

Sunday School is important for adults as well as children.  Our Adult Sunday School classes are essential to developing relationships with fellow members so that we can support and encourage one another on a more personal level as brothers and sisters in Christ.  

This fellowship / teaching time helps acquire a more comprehensive knowledge of Scripture and supports spiritual growth.

Adult Sunday School occurs from 11am - 11:50am on Sundays.

  • Young Adults

    Teacher:  <pending>

    Location: Room L1 (downstairs) 

    Topic:  < pending >

    A study in < pending > as we seek to discover what God's Word reveals for application to the life challenges experienced by those in the College and Career age group.

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    Maranatha Class

    Teacher:  Dallas Hunt

    Location: Room L19 (downstairs)

    Topic:  Minor Prophets, part 2

    Utilizing a Regular Baptist Press study guide, an interactive study of the Minor Prophets to better understand God's faithfulness to His people and His intervention in our lives, no matter how far we may wander.  His love is deep! 

  • Home Builders Class

    Teacher: Ned and Rinda Newhof

    Location: Room B1 (upstairs balcony)

    Topic:  Nehemiah

    A study in the book of Nehemiah where we will learn about leadership, having courage to face opposition, the power of prayer, how much people can accomplish when they are aligned with the will and plan of God ...and several other take-aways.

  • Faith Builders Class

    Teacher:  Mitch Veldman

    Location: Auditorium

    Topic:  1 Timothy

    A study in the book of 1 Timothy where we will study/focus on sound doctrine, the qualifications of overseers and deacons, the roles and responsibilities we have as church members, and what makes a church good and pleasing to God.