Women's Ministries

Ladies Daytime Bible Study:
Studying the book of I Peter, which is a unique source of encouragement for all believers who live in conflict with their culture.  Come and gain insight, strength, courage & compassion as we learn what it means to be a light in the midst of darkness and a cold drink of Living Water to those who desperately need to know Jesus.
Thursdays from 9:30 - 11:00 am at the Harrison's home.

Ladies Nighttime Bible Study:
7 - 8:30 PM at ABC and led by Cara Forward.
Studying from the book"Zip It".
Remaining dates are:
APR 10, 24

The Circle is a ladies group that meets at Alaska Baptist Church.
We named our group based on a story of a preacher who prayed for revival of people's hearts and within the world. Before he spoke he would stop outside the town and draw a circle in the dirt. He would step in and say "Oh God, please send revival to this town and let it begin inside this circle, let it begin with me."

Our group goes hand in hand with this concept. We want it to begin with ourselves.
We are a group of women seeking what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ. We gather to encourage each other, study the Bible, pray and worship. We also have a great time! We also study subjects like true womanhood, marriage and parenting. We desire to grow spiritually and share this passion with those around us.

There is a special bond that forms when women come together and grow together. We have several planned events for women of all ages throughout the year to connect with each other including monthly lunches, service projects and craft times.

We encourage you to join us and seek what God wants to do in your life and your world around you!