Student Ministries

What is Student Ministries at ABC?

Student Ministries is a ministry that comes alongside families at Alaska Baptist Church by working with their student (in 6th - 12th grade).

What is the Mission of Student Ministries?

Our Mission is for each student to enter into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to live abundantly as one of his growing disciples! Furthermore, we aim for students to encounter God through deeper study of his word in the context of community.

To Parents! 

We view parents as having a primary influence in the spiritual formation of their teen. We hope to see parents leaving a legacy upon their families by loving and following Jesus and modelling a walk with Christ in the home! (Go Parents! Keep seeking Christ above all things!)

Upcoming Events and Activities: 

Click Here! for the Student Summer 2018 Events Newsletter!

Meeting Times at ABC:

Sunday School (11am-12pm) - "Living Transformed"

The aim of this time is to pursue the heart of God through the study of His Word in reliance upon His Spirit in order for life transformation to immerge. The goal for the students is to emulate Christ and experience deeper layers of wholeness in Him.

Sunday Evenings (6 pm) - "Maturing in community"

The aim of this time is for students to bond with one another and leaders as a part of the family of Christ (the Church). Along with games and fun, the hope is for students to "mature in Christ" by encountering God in the Scriptures to help them navigate the complexities of life.

1st Sunday of the month: Student TACO (Teens After Church Outing)

This usually runs from 6:00 - 8:00 pm and is hosted by student leaders or members of the congregation. It will either be held at the church or at the member's home.

2017-2018 Alaska Baptist Student Registration:

CLICK HERE to print off the form to fill out and turn in to the Student Ministries Director. (Note: This form needs to be completed each school year for each student involved)