A portion of our mission at Alaska Baptist Church states, ‘Our mission is ….. to reach our community with the Gospel.’ 

We are to:

  • Reach our local and global communities
  • Go into the world wherever God has placed us and carry the Gospel to those in need.
  • Support our network of missionaries throughout the world and within the United States who allow us to reach areas that most of us would never dream of going!


Support our missionaries and pray for them weekly !

  • Don & Pat Block

    Baptist Mid-Missions - Bibles International - Bible Translation

  • George & Amy Coon

    George David, Ashley, Alyssa

    Knysna, South Africa

  • Waad & Phoebe Haddad

    BEN - Baptists Equipping Nationals

  • Andrew & Sheron Hruby

    Baptist Mid-Missions - Baptist Messianic Ministries of Cleveland

  • Regine Kaufield

    Baptist Mid-Missions - Retired

  • Tim & Nancy Pierce

    Business and Church Planting

  • Kent & Sandra Pool

    ABWE - Leadership Training & Course Development

  • Roger & Norene Russ

    Baptist Mid-Missions - Bible Translation & Church Planting

  • Ruth Scheltema

    ABWE - Retired

  • Helen Squires

    Continental Baptist Missions - Retired

  • Dave & Martha Wirgau

    Navigator Ministries

  • William & Rosie Stoner

    ABWE - Retired, Active in Spanish Ministry

  • Allen & Kim Yoder

    ABWE - Mission Aviation & Biblical Counseling