We have expanded the ways that you can partner with Alaska Baptist Church as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Each of these giving methods are secure as well as provide flexibility for you to give in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Regardless of how you choose to give, we value your partnership and support of the ministries of Alaska Baptist Church for the sake of the Kingdom of God.


Of course, one can give the traditional way (via a cash or check donation) as we gather for worship on Sunday.  When out of town or unable to attend, you can mail your gift/donation if you wish to: Alaska Baptist Church, 7240 68th Street SE, Caledonia, MI  49316.


Another option to give directly to the church is through the MinistryOne mobile app.  The app can be downloaded to your Apple/Android smartphone (look for the purple logo with the white cross) and, when you open the app for the first time, just search for Alaska Baptist Church to find our church's giving form.


To give from the church website, just scroll further down this page and click on GIVE NOW.  You won't be transferred to a different (3rd party) website, like many other churches.  We worked with the software provider to keep you securely attached to the Alaska Baptist Church website as you send your donation.


Lastly, one can give to the church by simply sending a text message.  To send a donation this way, just text GIVE  or  ABCgive  to  (616) 737-0303.  The first time that you text, follow the instructions to setup your text to give account.  After that, all remaining text giving is easy & quick.

For our one-page Alaska Baptist Church ONLINE GIVING GUIDE, click here rightarrow 


Our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) are listed below.

  • Giving can be done using a debit card, credit card, GooglePay or ACH (checking/savings account).  While the screen won't show a debit card prompt, if you enter a debit card number at the credit card prompt, the system will figure it out.

  • Yes.  Almost immediately, you will receive an email/text message confirming your online gift.  This happens regardless of how you sent your donation- whether through the website, via the mobile app, or by text message.  What's even better.. if you download the MinistryOne app to your mobile phone, you'll be able to see a historical recap of all your online giving.  The only giving that won't appear in the app will be any cash/check giving that occurred that wasn't online (i.e., donations given at church), since that remains a manual process.

  • Whlle both are equally effective, there's a very small difference between texting GIVE or ABCgive.  When you text GIVE, you receive back a text message with a link- and when you click on that link, it will take you to the Alaska Baptist giving form.  When you text ABCgive, you receive back a text message with a small image - and when you click on that small image, it will take you to the Alaska Baptist giving form.  As a reminder, the phone number to text to give to the church is:  (616) 737-0303.

  • Yes there are ..for the church.  Transaction processing fees are standard and customary in the financial/banking industry.  While there's no way to avoid the fees, please note that the fees for ACH transactions are notably less than the fees for debit and credit card transactions.  If you would like to help the church and cover the transaction fee for your donation, you can.  You will be prompted with an option to increase your donation to cover the fee.  If you decide to do this, you will receive credit for the higher amount as being your tax-qualified donation to the church.

  • Yes it does.  Online giving transaction processing fees are an expense the church pays for.  For anyone who opts to increase their donation to cover the fee related to their transaction, that additional amount is added to - and qualifies as - the total charitable tax-deductible donation that was made.

  • Yes.  As most know, our church logs all giving to an assigned envelope# (rather than a person's name).  As such, online giving has been setup to prompt for envelope#.  If an envelope# is not entered, an individual won't be able to submit their donation, as we made envelope# a required field.  For those who are not a member or regular attender but still would like to give to Alaska Baptist Church, they can do so by entering 999 at the envelope# prompt.

  • Yes, you can- and this is one of the advantages of online giving.  For those who give on a regular basis, you can set up your online giving to occur on a recurring schedule.  This simplifies the giving process, keeping you from having to worry about remembering each time to give.

  • Usually 1-2 business days.

  • Yes.  Rest assured that, no matter how you decide to give - whether in a normal Sunday giving envelope at church, online, or a mix of both - all donation activity for everyone with an assigned envelope# will be recapped in the annual year end giving letter that is distributed each January.

  • Unfortunately, no.  Reimbursement payments are unique.  They still need to be physically turned in to the church with a check, identifying the budget category being reimbursed.  An online process wasn't possible for reimbursement payments since they are processed differently from normal tax deductible donations.

Online Giving (in Testing)

We have a small group of individuals currently exercising/testing an online giving solution for the church.  For those looking for a more convenient way to give (via online, text or smartphone app), please know that we are working on it.  We are not in a rush, however, and appreciate everyone's patience as the testing is being done to ensure that everything is working smoothly before a solution is rolled out to the entire church. Church

Honor the LORD with your wealth and

with the firstfruits of all your produce.

                             Proverbs 3:9